Friday, July 31, 2009

Taking care of business

I had knee surgery two days ago on the 29th, all went well. Except that yesterday morning I was not feeling pain, I was actually feeling pretty good so I saw no need to take painkillers. SOB! by 6pm the pain was so ever present, took two pills and it took about 3 hours for the pain to start fading away, by that time I took another dose and poor baby was crying wishing that I had not been hopping around all day.

Another reason for not taking the meds was that they make me so sleepy, dizzy and kind of depressed. So while I'm making one thing better (pain) I'm screwing up others....ugh. Today I have been in and out of sleep like in a fog, but oh well pain has reduced a lot, so, so far good for that. Thanks to Glen, my sister Laura and Christina for being there for me and taking such good care, specially Glen who did the driving and heavier load the first two days.

As it is I am taking care of business in the knee dept. but not on the clay dept. Just a couple orders to get done but not much
that I need to worry since the people waiting knew that I would be out of commission.

Back to the pillow. Later.