Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring is Upon Us Soon

Stoneware bird in speckled green glaze.
Stoneware bird in Yellow Maize glaze.

I realized today that this coming Sunday is Daylight Saving Time.  Days will be longer and it will get dark late in the day.  It is the best  time of the year for me here in So. California.  And this time around is even better because we have had a late winter with rain as recent as last week.  One gets spoiled by the beautiful weather we always have, and when we get that little cold or rain it is just not happy times for me.  So welcome Spring!

Aquamarine glaze on Porcelain with Decal decoration.

I've also realized that it has been about a month without a posting here since the giveaway.  Interestingly I had comments to approve,,,,? I never had that, it makes me think that i may have changed some settings on the blog last time I fiddled with settings or something.

Another thing is that  I had not touched clay since November.  I was just not finding my way with it since the Holidays, then New Year's, then the weather.  Always an excuse I guess.  But the last couple weeks I have been making new stuff.  Birds and other colorful items ready for spring.  My sales have been really great lately as well and for that I am thankful.  These are few pictures of the new stuff.

Stoneware Purple glaze pendant and beads.
Earthenware pendant with watercolor
type technique

Being excited about spring can only bring one better thing after it.... Summer!