Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Never Win Anything!

That was a frequent  saying of mine.  I remember for many years entering raffles at church, for school fundraisers and honestly the only time I won something was like fifteen years ago at church.  But the thing is not  to win but to help support the causes of those places that need it.

The last several months I have entered giveaways from blogs of artists and designers I read.  Last month I entered a giveaway at Lisa's blog  Lisa's Clay Happenings and yesterday I got these two little boxes above.

An this is what was inside, yay!  Lovely pendant and lots of beads in bright pretty colors, and a pair of earrings to match!  I have admired Lisa's work for her use of raised designs on her pieces.  I am one who loves touching and running my fingers over the pendant and feeling the continuous lines of the leaves. I also love her tropical color combinations.  I have one other piece of hers from a past bead swap on the Beads of Clay Group.  If you would like to visit Lisa's website here is the link Clayworks of New Hampshire  Thank you Lisa for putting such a beautiful and lovely giveaway, as soon as I make something with the beads I will post here.

But wait!  There is more....  last month I also won another giveaway at a supplier of ceramic pieces.  I got them last week or so, but they are in the process of glazing and then firing them.... so stay tuned. And I guess now that title phrase cannot be used as much.  Unless another fifteen years go by.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Meaning of Friendship

Throughout the many years of internet surfing, google searching, art forums, ebay purchases, handmade crafting, shows, ceramic beads and jewelry.  The list could go on.  I have come to make friends with many of you, many friendships have been long lasting and some go on to be an eventual hello through emails, blog postings or most recently facebook.  But this person I want to share with you today is too much fun and special to not comment on.

I met Gerry through the Beads of Clay group a few months ago, in the spring when we opened an etsy store for the team, she joined and donated a few pieces to raise funds for promotion of Beads of Clay. We have emailed continually for months now, always having fun in what we say and what we know and don't know about internet how tos.  We talk about our work, life, pets, shows and the going ons of the team.

Today I received this beautiful watercolor card with a sweet message to brighten up my day while I continue to go through losing Sparky.  Gerry makes  beautiful pendants with the imprint of a Fleur de Lis in what she calls an Oxblood Red Glaze.  I have commented on it a couple times... okay maybe a few times or maybe too many times  how much I like that glaze.  I really do like it!  Well today along with her card and her sweet message sending me some "happy" she also included this lovely necklace for me...  Awww.... thank you Gerry!

It made me so happy to receive this Gerry,  I really wanted to thank you and let you know howmuch I  appreciate your friendship.  We may not know each other in person, but I really appreciate to have you in my list  of friends to get to talk to.  This is one of the great things of the internet in out time.  Brining people together sharing same interests, forming friendships, sharing skills and knowledge.

You can visit Gerry Lee's store on etsy for a sweet pendant like this.  her store is  Clay Designs by glee