Monday, November 30, 2009

New Things to Come

That is just a catchy phrase to make you read.... my bad.
I realized that I haven't written in about a month. I am bad at this blogging stuff, but you all know that already. So let's skip the apologies.

Thanksgiving was wonderful, Christina came home Tuesday. We went to San Diego on Thursday to spend Thanksgiving with Glen's family. Barbara as always was such a great host and boy is she a good cook too! We took Sparky with us, so that's always appreciated that she lets us do that, Sparky is so needy. We spent the day with great company and for that I am thankful to have the Boyd's and Henehan's in my life. For some reason nobody got their cameras out this year, so I have no pics to show the fun had.

Christina left Sunday morning and the house has been quiet since then. It's nice to have her come and visit, but it's also nice to have her go back... am I bad again??

I had a tutorial to show but the last step didn't work out... the glazing. Glaze ran down and there were some pinholes. So, I will have to wait for next firing to do more pieces then. It has to do with texture so I will give you that much today.

In this post I want to thank all of you who have supported my little ceramic creations, been there for me as a friend. I truly appreciate all of you. Wishing you all the best of the Holidays. May love, family, peace and happiness fill your hearts and home forever.

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