Sunday, August 1, 2010

In love with Flea Markets

My friend Shelley and I have been frequent visitors to a couple of flea markets in our area for a year or so. Tustin is fourth Sunday and Irvine is first Sunday of the month.  Irvine is way bigger than Tustin, so while they have a bunch of the same vendors, they really can't compare.  Today was Irvine's turn.  Please click on pictures for bigger images.

I loved the bench behind the big pillows, but the whole set up is pretty

For some reason today we were taking longer at each booth, basically  there was so much to see.
So, with no kids,  no rushes, no worries to be back at a certain time we went exploring with sunscreen on, all coffeed up we got going..

This is the first time I see this ribbon seller.  I loved her selection and all those colors were bright and beautiful!


The man who owns this store works the wood beautifully, he is my favorite always. He works on those pieces so much by pounding them, sanding them to give them character.  He stains the wood and cleans it to be ready to use as if it was new.
These are more pictures of this booth, so much to see.  

These buckets were $10, good for plants or flowers or just by themselves.
What do you think of the bathtub?

I thought these were so cool!

Unusual for a flea market?  Shelley and I think we should get this so when
one gets tired the other one will push...

Tomorrow I will show a few more pictures of today's loot.  Some stuff I got to use in clay pieces that I am about to start making for an upcoming show.  We also think that next time we should go to Long Beach FM.


Ann said...

If I was there, I would still be at the ribbon booth! Looks like fun!

Terrace Hill said...

So cool! I definitely have to check that out next time I'm down that way. Is it SAT/SUN or Sunday only? Awesome pics~thanks for sharing!

Yolanda M. said...

I'm glad you like Ann and TH. It's only the first Sunday of the month. Located at the parking lot of Irvine Valley College. Just google it.

aubepine said...

What great pics Yoli! Thanks for sharing. :)