Friday, November 25, 2011

Cyber Monday Sale and Giveaway!

Wishing that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones. I spent mine with family.  Having my daughter come down for the weekend was wonderful, she got the days off from work, and her classes were canceled.  So this made it for an easy ride home on Wednesday, record time actually for being the day before and even driving thru Los Angeles.  Now we prepare for Christmas.

I wanted to also announce on this post about the Beads of Clay Cyber Monda Sale!  We will also have a giveaway of several pieces donated by the participating stores.  Yours truly is participating and I will be offering  20%  Off.  So use code BOCCYBER at checking out to get your discount!  Visit my Etsy Store

To find out details of the giveaway visit Beads of Clay Blog and enter for the giveaway!

I will be donating this piece above with the beautiful design from a decal.  This piece has been fired three times, so I can tell you it was made with much love. Come Monday and get your goodies at Yolanda's Clay  and good luck in winning the beads!

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Linda Starr said...

Luscious that bead is. happy thanksgiving to you