Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sad day

I'm sad to say that the firing I was waiting to open this morning was not that great, lots of pieces turned out
like poop. Time to have the kiln checked and calibrated. Ayy ay ay!

July 24th is the seventh anniversary when my Mom passed away. My brothers and sisters get together on this day and her brithday every year, we celebrate mass in her memory go to the cemetery afterwards and then go home and have a gathering celebrating her life, her cooking and her love for us. I still miss her a lot, she was the glue of our family and life has not been the same since she died. This year is extra special, my oldest brother and his family will be here, he is in the military and not always can be present. So, my eight siblings and our 30 children altogether along with my Dad will have a blast.
Here is a picture of my Mom, my daughter and me.

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