Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Best wishes for a great 2008 everybody! I know I have not been as good as I should on the posting here. Things get in the way and time is flying so fast lately, I can't keep up with all things I'd like to do.

I am excited that I did my first show and things were really well, sold some pieces, recouped my fees so I'm happy. I am not going to say that I made money because that would be a lie, I have so much money invested in supplies, equipment, clay materials
etc, etc, etc. But I am getting in gear to add more venues for the cause. So, in a way I am excited about that beginning for me for the new year.

I am also going to be teaching a six-hour workshop on making ceramic beads, pendants and ultimately the last class is making jewelry with the ceramic pieces made. I will be teaching it at my local supplier,in Santa Ana, California. The workshop will be held Fridays, February 15,22 and 29, from 9-11am.

This Chritmas was fun for me, I got to spend time with my Dad, brothers, sisters and their kids. Some of them I had not seen for a few years since they live in Yucatan, they are all grown and beautiful kids. Lots of food, screaming, laughing, and games we played that almost turned into a war....it was fun.

More later,


Linda said...

Hi Yolanda, you have inspired me to create my own blog. I am so happy and lucky to be taking your bead workshop. Please see my blog Blue Starr Gallery and feel free to make comments and suggestions.

Linda said...

Hi Yolanda,

Thanks for a great workshop and for intoducing me to yet another avenue in the world of ceramics. You have inspired me to create my own blog at Blue Starr Gallery. Please check it out.

Yolanda M. said...

Thank you Linda, I am glad you are enjoying the class, it's been fun getting to know you ladies.
I'll go now and visit yours!