Monday, February 25, 2008

Aardvark's Workshop Update

Last Friday was the second class of three were I am teaching ceramic bead making at Ardvark Clay in Santa Ana, CA. I have eight wonderful women take the classess, we made clay beads the first class, and this past friday we did the glazing. This coming is going to be putting our jewelry together.

Aardvark asked me to do another workshop in the summer, lasting longer than three weeks. I am working on a program where we have more time and choices on the fabrication of beads. We will continue the handbuilding and stamping methods, but I will also show how to make plaster and clay molds, slip casting of beads and also adding glass to them. This should be fun and can't wait for summer! also because I am tired of cold weather.

Have a great week and visit again. I will post some pictures later in the day.

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