Thursday, October 23, 2008

You're it!!

Amy a friend from the CA Etsy group was very sweet in thinking of me by tagging me. I'm supposed to tell 7 interesting things about me, which will be very hard..I'm not interesting!?! but anyhow, here we go to give it a try.

1. I am the youngest of 9 children, born and raised in Tijuana Mexico. I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters and a whole bunch of nieces and nephews. I am blessed that my Dad is still alive, and unfortunately my Mother passed away in 2000. I miss her everyday and think of her a lot.

2. And after being raised among so many kids and always thinking that I would have a bunch myself... I have only one child, a daughter who is 17 and is a Senior in High School. Which comes to be sweet to only have one specially when you are dealing with the teen years...Wheww!!

3. I have worked in many fields from an assembler in an electronics factory, a florist, retail, property management (my longest job 16 years), as a realtor, and now a days I'm embarking into a new thing as we speak Medical Interpreter, let's hope I stick to this one for another 16 years perhaps.

4. I immigrated to the US in February 1983, my decision to come here was to save money to buy a car and then go back. Well, I loved it here so much I never went back and have decided to stay here for ever. I became a US Citizen In May of 1997. A proud moment for me, the memory of being at the LA Convention Center among thousands of people and taking the oath to be loyal to my new country will stay with me for as long as I live.

5. I have always been a crafty girl, I think I take after my Mom in that regard. I can remember going to the craft store with her as a little kid when raffia flowers were in, and when you'd make trees out of wire and seedbeads. She was always working on something, she was a good seamstress and always knitted and crochet. It wasn't until my young adult years that I realized how much I liked making things with my hands.

6. My clay endeavors started when I took my daughter 10 years ago to a clay class that her parental grandmother was teaching in Laguna Beach, and man I was hooked!
I started building a small studio little by little, bought a kiln then a wheel and have been collecting tools and what nots ever since. I started making jewelry two years ago and right after that started making ceramic beads and pendants. It's this year that I started doing shows, craft fairs, boutiques, and different sales with friends to sell our stuff. I am happy where I am right now with my ceramic's jewelry.

7. I consider myself a peaceful person, hardworking, fun and friendly, concerned about issues going on in the world right now, I don't like conflict so I'm pretty mellow, I like to read sometimes, I like to exercise sometimes, watch tv a lot,
Ohhhh,,,,I procrastinate a lot that's my worst quality.

Well there you go, you know a little more about me....boringggggggg.
Thanks Amy for giving a chance to look back.

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