Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tustin Chili Cook Off June 7th

Hey! come and see me and grab a bowl of chili! Sunday June 7th 11am to 6pm with all the sunny sun California has to offer. Don't miss the biggest Chili Cook Off over 40,000 heads will show up to eat, listen to music, drink beer, put their legs in a contest, and buy buy buy handmade...!!

Be there! I'll be waiting for you. Old Town Tustin, you really can't miss it.


elsiee said...

Hey honey I want to hear all about the cook off and if I should sign up for next year AND you forgot to guess how many shoes!! come on now go back and guess I want some one I like to win!!

Linda Starr said...

Like the new look, Yolanda, hope all is well. Tough that your daughter will be leaving for college. Which college will she be going to? What's she planning on majoring in?