Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Quicky Post Work Done Sunday "Spring Fling" Pendants

Just wanted to show a sequence of the process of my most popular pendants which I named Spring Flings. I will spare you a picture of a blank slab of clay since there is not much to show.  These pictures were taken with my cell phone and the studio room is not very well lit so quality may not be best.

Slab prepared with undergalzes

Slab after pieces have been cut, I usually cut
them way closer but this was the second batch and I
was tired.
Pendants have been cut and are ready for cleaning
and making hole or attaching wire.

Pendants are cleaned, hole is made, and they are stamped
in the back with my initials.

Here is a shot of the first batch.  Slightly different as the
underglazes are darkened and there is no texture.  These were
just cut and await cleaning and holes.  Some of these I will
decorate with decals.
One last shot that didn't come out was the back of the pieces where it shows it colored in a matching glaze along with the side of the pendant.  These are in the kiln bisque firing right  now, so we'll see them next once they are glazed fired.


Linda Starr said...

I love the mixture of colors.

Yolanda M. said...

Thank you Linda, they do look much prettier when glazed.

Gerry said...

This is really neat to see how we all our own unique and different techniques. You have really been busy!!! Thanks for showing us this!!

Dana said...

I didn't know you could put a glaze on before you bisque-fired it! How cool! Thanks for sharing, Yoli.

Yolanda M. said...

Thanks Gerry and Dana! Yes Dana, you can do both greenware (or in this case wet clay) and bisque. When you do on bisque you gotta wait that all coats are dry before clear glaze otherwise you may pull the underglaze.