Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Batch of an Old Favorite "Spring Flings"

Pieces I got out of the kiln this  morning.

You all have seen the pieces I make called Spring Flings, I get orders on these often so I make a batch every other month or so.  This is the most recent one I made and thought I share since I desperately needed a blog update.  You can see the more detailed process on how I make these Here  I will have several of these to list on  etsy in the next couple days.

Pieces are still wet.

Here they have been drying for a couple days.

A couple pieces in the bisque (one firing) stage.

Leaf sets for earrings.  Finished with a clear top glaze.


Marti C. said...

I think pieces like these must be my favorites of all the ones you do! They are so pretty, feminine and so full of light. I just love them!

Yolanda M. said...

I think they are favorites to make too Marti, they come out different every time. Even the deepness in the colors make them different from the previous batch. Thank you for stopping by :)

somethingunique said...

Boo.....nice to find you here uN the blogosphere....I havnt been able to blog much over the past year because of my crappy connection....but I'm glad to have found you now...I just love seeing the creative process so thanks for sharing...I love those earring pairs...perfect colors for summer...I'll be watching for them to list...ttfn xox