Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy MayDay!

Happy day to all of you who celebrate this holiday. In Mexico May 1st. better known as Dia del Trabajo is a National Holiday. Dia del Trabajo is the equivalent of Labor Day. No one works... well no one is supposed to work but of course the ones who do are those in the retail business, hotels, grocery stores. Government, schools, post office will close on this day.

I remember growing up May 1st. was a day celebrated in Tijuana with a parade (desfile). Unions would do the route, as some school bands, and students were made to do it too. As with any other parade the end of the line was filled with food vendors, craft booths, carnival, music and a lot of fun were you could stay for a while and enjoy having a day off. People who did not participate or who did not care for the "desfile" would opt for going to the beach, shopping, or just stay home and catch up with things. For some if the day fell on a Friday or Monday you could do a puente (long weekend) and do something more fun like going away for the weekend. I remember for many people in this bordertown a popular destination was Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, or Seaworld. People would save for months to have this little mini vacation and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Huh! What a concept. Something you don't hear much anymore...saving.

I don't live in Tijuana anymore, and I don't know if the tradition still exists, but wherever you are and whatever you do, I hope that this day is enjoyable because a day off for all the other days you work is a nice break!

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Bamdesigns said...

Great post and how cool to learn of a mexican tradition like that. It must have been lots of fun the fairs and things like that. Thanks for sharing! :o)