Friday, May 8, 2009

This Mother's Empty Nest

My daughter graduates from high school next month. As the time approaches for graduation and later the time for her to go off to college, I cannot help but think of how quiet this house will be. It has been getting quieter for a while now. She's been busy with homework, getting a job last year, getting her driver's license and being a full blown quiet teenager. I've come to realize how much I will miss her presence and having her around even when at times it seems she is not here.

This is a big thing happening in a young woman's life, but I can undoubtedly say it has been a long awaited moment for both of us. As she steps into a new world of new friends, being away from home, a new place to live, a new school, and new adventures it's hard for me to see my only child leave, no matter how long this awaited moment has been. So, as I prepare these months to finally cut the umbillical cord I will enjoy this time and continue to guide (nag) her, motivate (push) her, expect (nag again) from her, and love (love?) her.

In the end all I could have thought of teaching her has been taught. It's up to her to put those things into practice, it's up to her to follow the best road for her, it's up to her to continue expecting the best of herself, it's up to her to make the best life for herself. But for me, it's still the time to continue loving her forever.

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