Thursday, December 9, 2010

And this is Jupiter!

Just a quick post on this little bundle of fun.  Jupiter "Joops"  is such a darling little girl.  We got her home Tuesday and right away she felt at home exploring around and bouncing from couch to couch.  She is actually two months old and I am glad because I wanted a little kitty.

Layla took to her right away welcoming her with snuggles, cleaning her and playing.  Layla we found out had a litter last May, so she is used to caring for babies and does so well caring for this little one.  Having Jupiter come home has also helped Layla come out of her shell and spend more time all over the house and not just a couple rooms.

Here they are together last night right before bed.  They seem like old buddies.


Vintage Blue Studio said...

That last photos is the sweetest thing ever! I want to add a third kitty to our household but I need to wait to get out of this apartment next year so we have more room. Aren't they the best?

Erin said... cute! Love kitties!

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

Awwww .... welcome Jupiter!

Yolanda M. said...

Thank you all for stopping by! Yes, Diana they are the cutest! Hoping you get your third one next year. Now back to litter cleaning.... :)

Linda Starr said...

Oh so glad you got Joops as a friend for Layla. Only drawback is the litter cleaning for sure.

Bear Chick said...

Oh, these little ones are so cute! Bless you for giving them a wonderful home.