Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Nostalgia

At this time of year I get sad and long for the good old times when  my Mom was still alive. She passed away ten years ago and while that should be long enough time to get used to it, it is not.  I get that feeling of wishing things were the same as back then.  The dates in the year are reminders of how much I miss her.  Mother's Day, her birthday, my birthday, her anniversary, Christmas for sure.

On the positive side I have nice reminders of her all the time and at this time it's these two ornaments.  Inexpensive, simple not fancy but full of memories that ring every year when I get them out.  My mom was a Pic n' Save addict, she loved that store and all it had to offer.  I remember  taking her there when se visited me and rolling of the eyes was a constant thing I did.... oh mom, that is junk..!  Well these ornaments came from there, and while at the time I didn't do a song and dance when she got them, I knew inside I liked them.... yeah,, get them, they are cute and will look nice.  The little red house she gave to me before she passed away, I basically said  when you don't want that I want it... llevatelo mija (take it honey).  The tree I took after she passed away, it had most meaning to me than to my siblings...  I remember the day we got them, what store, how much, and where we went for lunch after we shopped.

Looking at them they do look like the $1.49 item we bought, but for me looking at them and going back to the many memories of every Christmas with her, they are priceless.  

I hope your Christmas is full of wonderful memories with those you love, Merry Christmas!


QuirkynBerkeley said...

Yoli, there is no one in the world like your mom. I"m glad you have such good memories and some treasures to comfort you.

Linda Starr said...

What a wonderful story about your mom, I just love it. a sign of true love, that you love in a person what other's may see as silly, but that is the love, her loving the pak and save ornaments, their bright colors are a real pop to the mind.

Yolanda M. said...

Thank you Carol and Linda. Memories is what carry us through life without those we love, the knick knacks and mementos are extras that sure put a smile.

Erin said...

Merry Christmas to you!

Gerry said...

I am just now getting to look at blogs I have not checked on in a while. I loved ready about your story and your wonderful memories. Know that your mom is looking over your shoulder and smiling as you wrote this. <3