Sunday, December 5, 2010

We got new kitties!

Meet Regalia who has been renamed Layla

We had difficult decisions to make last year and this September with our older pets when they had to be put to sleep exactly a year apart.  They were 13 and their time had come, we miss them terribly still. But knowing how much happier they made us, we thought it was time to get some life back into this house.  We will always love them and remember how happy we were to have them.

Been looking at rescues online for a month or so,  went to the shelter a couple times too.  But this week I went back wanting to get a dog, but the decision was hard on what I (we) want to get that will please all humans in our household. Well, I made the decision yesterday and instead we got two cats!

Meet Regalia she is two and a half, black and white and such a sweet girl.  She is still shy about the new home and has claimed dibs on Christina's bedroom.... pics prove it, I think.  She is getting to know the house but pretty much stays there.  She had a good night sleep.  It will take her several days I am sure to get used to being here.  She is loving, friendly and has the cutest meow as if she was a baby kitty.  Too sweet! and I am happy for her to come to our home!

The other kitty is a three month calico with lots of white, she is also a girl. She is getting spayed Monday and I will bring her home Tuesday.  She was too quick and I could never take a good picture of her.  We have decided to name her Jupiter.  Will post her pictures next week if she stays still for more than an second.

I am happy we are giving these two sweethearts love and a good forever home.


Gerry said...

Looks like my Bubba you know.
SHe is so pretty....looks like she is a big cat, yes? My bubba is huge....Blossom the white cat is petite. Very cute and am happy you found 2!!!!

Yolanda M. said...

Hahaha.... a boyfriend already? Sneaky Layla!
Thanks for stopping by Gerry.

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

Kitties are so fluffy and fun!

Yolanda M. said...

omg I am in kitty ga ga land....

maryharding said...

Love your kitties. We have 2 cats we rescued from a tree quite a few years ago. They were kittens of a feral cat who later lived in our barn for several winters. This is a very long story but I will just say, I understand now the love for cats. Never did before. I am happy to see your new kitties are making you and you family so happy.