Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cats and the Outdoors

A snapshot of cat experiencing the outdoors

Jupiter is more daring and after many times out has explored beyond the threshold.

Layla being the shy one is still hanging by the door.

We have had these cats for six months now and they are finally feeling at home, specially Layla who is three.  We believe she did not have a good beginning but now she is safe, trusting and enjoying having a home.  Jupes as we call her, was 2 months when we got her so she knows this is her home from day one.  They will be indoor cats because of the dangers outside, and our area has coyotes occasionally. But they do get bored at times so I take them out in our yard supervised for 10 minutes a couple times a day.  

Today I will be at Patchwork Show in Santa Ana form 11 to 5 pm,  if you are in Orange County come and check it out lots of fun things going on.


sophienme said...

How adorable! Have a great time at Patchwork =)

Bear Chick said...

Our late cat, Gizmo, liked to go out on the back steps with me and just hang. But the cats we have now are totally indoor cats--they don't even like to be near the doors when they're open to the outside. Good luck on the show today!!