Thursday, May 5, 2011

What happens to my pieces when they sell and are shipped.

Do you ever wonder what happens to your work once it's been sold, packaged and shipped?  I do think about them sometimes, curiosity I guess.

I came across a blog last year of a jewelry designer with lots of pretty pieces. She uses artisan beads a lot, I saw some of her focal beads were from Beads of Clay members that I know.   One of her necklaces had been featured on Stringing Magazine and it was just beautiful!  I hearted her etsy store Silver Parrot right away and I have continued reading her blog often catching up with what she blogs about.  Later on she bought some of my pendants and has returned to buy from me several times now. One of the most recent pendants she got was the one on this necklace that she featured on her blog.

I was very happy to see this piece and to see in it one of my pendants from the line I call Spring Fling for its bright and happy colors and the techniques of an abstract watercolor.  Except this batch I made I selected different underglazes of more subdued colors.  She bought it and I shipped it.

I loved the use of the open chain and the bits of color that tie-in so well with the colors in the pendant.  She has more pictures with a more detailed description on her blog  Silver Parrot Blog along with the inspiration when she saw this pendant on my store.

Visit her blog for other pieces she features on the same post that will make you want some jewels for yourself.  My favorite in there is the one name "Driftwood".  Visit the blog and from there you can jump to her etsy store and see more from  Silver Parrot.


Linda Landig said...

Oh, I love this necklace and your water color pendants, Yoli! I'm off to visit Silver Parrot now. Thanks for sharing.

Yolanda M. said...

Thank you Linda for stopping by! her work is lovely and so many choices with her designs.

Gerry said...

THis is an absolutely beautiful necklace with your pendant and the dantiness of the wire. It truly is rewarding to see our work we have created as artisans and how the pieces are used by other artisans in their creations.
Excellent blog BSY!!!!

Silver Parrot said...

Thanks so much for the shout out, Yolanda! I'm a big fan of your pieces and always make sure to stop by your Etsy store whenever I'm doing a shopping run ;-)


Yolanda M. said...

My pleasure Kelly! I love your desings and they should be shared!